Monday, October 15, 2012


Today my son starts his HSC.
His Higher School Certificate,his leaving exams.
Where the heck did the years go.
Seriously I feel like I just dropped him off at Kindergarten.
(he didn't even cry and I soooo wanted him to. That way I would feel missed..Bad mothering, I know).
So, today he will drive himself to his exams and I will be at home thinking of him.
(This mothering stuff is so emotional.)
The exams will go for a few weeks,then into the big bad world he will go.
Last week he got a job,so he's ready to take the next step.
Next year when he's old enough, he wants to join the Fire Brigade.
I'm so in love with this kid,it hurts.

So to all you mums out there whose kids are growing up WAY to fast, I totally understand.
Now if only I could see the screen through my teary eyes, I'd keep on raving about my boy.
Have a great week and enjoy your children..xx