Friday, March 29, 2013

Remembering why...

Today is Good Friday.
The beginning of the Easter long weekend.
A day when many people are happy for the extra days off work and many start those long overdue DIY projects around the home.
The Easter bunny will visit and too much chocolate will be eaten.
This Easter, I'm thinking differently.
This weekend I am making a conscious effort to remember and reflect on what this time is really about.
I hope that you and your families enjoy this break together and remember why we are celebrating Easter.
God bless..xx

Thursday, March 21, 2013

75 years young...

Today is a very special day.
It is my wonderful mothers birthday.
Almost 45 years ago she selected me as her daughter.
Almost 45 years ago I was given a fabulous mother.
She may not have birthed me but she surely has loved me.
She is such a great mum.
Loving,giving,caring and always there for me.
I can't believe that today she turns 75 years young.
How blessed I feel to still have my mum around.
She is super active and never sits still.
A wonderful mother and grandmother to boot.
Love you mum and thank you for choosing me..xx