Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thanks Girls..xx..

I've had a special week thanks to two beautiful people.
They have both given me an award.
Lots of kisses to Trisha, over at Glass slippers and all sorts of stuff.
More kisses to Laura, over at my summerhouse.
These great girls have made my week.
Please check out there blogs as they're both really lovely.
Thank you so much for your friendship..I love blogland!
So I'm to tell you 7 things about myself,but I thought I'd take a leaf out of Laura's book and tell you 7 things I know for sure:

These things I know for sure...

1: That being a mum may be hard at times but is absolutely divine..

2:That teenage boys use more hair product than any girl I know..

3:That teenage boys think that dirty laundry will grow legs and walk to the washing basket by itself..

4:That teenage boys can't listen to music unless the walls are shaking and the windows rattling..

5:That teenage boys backs don't bend.Why else would everything stay on the bedroom floor for so long?

6:That teenage boys can text without looking..

7:That I wouldn't have my teenage boys any other way..(maybe)!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend and please skip over to Rebecca at
A gathering of thoughts as her giveaway is fab..

... my garden Fairy...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rain and Burlap.

It's my kind of day..


Since I'm home alone today thought I'd treat the dining table to a new runner.
Love all the linen and burlap(hessian to us aussies)that I've been seeing lately.
Found a big bunch of it at a charity store.
I added a sweet frill,some candles and pretties..

I love it..

Goes nicely with my chair covers that I made out of vintage tablecloths.

Thanks for visiting.xx

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Roadside Rescue

Thought I'd share with you what was rescued from the roadside.

This was sitting all forlorn.

Not for long.

It only needed a scrub down with hot soapy water,a little glass cleaner and


A gorgeous Queen Anne dressing table.

A few accessories and I'm a HAPPY girl..

Another successful rescue mission..

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pushy Pink

As much as I love white I've been noticing something lately.
PINK is pushing it's way into my decor...PUSHY PUSHY!!!!
It's been popping up in little doses..

*Here in this pin cushion..

*In my bathroom..the palest pink framed mirror..

*It's popped up on this delightfully chippy side table..

*Also appearing in the vintage chenille and floral lampshade..

*And it's hanging around on little rusty hangers..

It's ok..I'll let it stay ..
Only as long as it understands, that "WHITE", is my first love.

Although pink just may be my NEW passion...

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Kristine over at The Painted Hive is having a giveaway..

Go take a look ,the pillows are beautiful..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesdays' Treasures

Yesterday was hunting day..
I took myself around a few of the local charity shops..
Thought I'd share with you my finds:

A lovely scrolly wire basket:just starting to rust: $3.
Silver tray: 30 cents.

A tiny cloche to display some vintage bobbins: 50 cents.

Six shabby pink ramekins-perfect for desserts: $3

Gorgeous white soup terrine,that will go atop my sideboard.(soon): $5

All in all a great day for finding treasures..
Have a great day:)...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Winter delights

My boys went back to school today and handyman also returned to work.
We all had the school holidays together which was nice.
Yesterday the weather was so beautiful here and Jack Frost didn't manage to kill all he set out too, so I just thought I'd share some flowers from my garden.
In truth I'm just excited they're growing, as I'm no green thumb!!

I hope you all have a great and creative week...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Love Thy Neighbour..

My good friend and neighbour was clearing out her backyard shed and she asked me if I would like this before she took it the tip.

Of course I said "Yes Please!!!!"

From glossy black to wonderful white.I love how the black came through when I sanded it.

It now sits atop my handy mans tall boy..And I'm quietly pleased with the result.
I added this little lamp later...

My fab neighbour also gave me these gorgeous glass candleabras..

Yes ...Definetly Love Thy Neighbour..

Friday, July 16, 2010

How Exciting

I'm very excited because my new friend Christine over at sunshine & lollypops has presented me with an award.
Please visit her because her blog is lovely..

And now I believe i need to tell you 7 things you didn't know about me....Here goes..

1:Tea is my stable drink..Preferaby out of a pretty cup..Strong white-no sugar thanks..

2:I may live in Australia but I was born in Northern Ireland..So I've got a little leprachaun lurking somewhere inside me..

3:My favourite flower is the Gerbera..My handy man will sometimes surprise me with them.

4:I love the rain...I sleep better when it's raining and I enjoy being at home in the rain... It makes me get things done..

5:Not only do I like the colour white but have a bit of an addiction to the colour green...Must be the Irish in me!!!

6:My age ...I'm 41...BUT I officially stopped counting at 40...So I'm actually 40 for future reference.

7:I adore BLOG LAND..Everyone is so nice and I want to thank you all for welcoming me and visiting my little land..

Again please don't forget to visit Christine..Her blog name suits her to a tee!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Shade..

Today was a bit rainy so I thought I'd try to give my old shade a makeover.

Here's the original...A sweet shabby green.

I love hessian( burlap)...

I added two little fabric roses.

I don't think it turned out to bad at all!

It's in the lounge room and gives of a lovely soft glow..

Monday, July 12, 2010

French Grey Dresser..Almost

I got this old dresser about a week ago from a local charity store..
A dear old man helped me get it into the car...
It is solid and was a bargain price.
I've decided I'm going to try painting it a FRENCH GREY colour..
I think it will blend in nicely with my white furniture..
Loving the cutlery draw and scalloping along the bottom..
Adore the little mirror across the back..
Thought I'd share the before photos with you and hopefully I'll reveal it soon in all its new fabulosity!!!
Thanks for dropping by..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just a thought..

It's Saturday again, which means we were off to watch our youngest play soccer.
The boys had a great game.
Coach was pleased and boys were happy..Good stuff.
Why then at the end of the game did I feel a touch of sadness?
One of the boys who had had a terrific game was being lectured by his father about how he could have done so much better on the field..
Didn't the boys just win?
Didn't the coach say how pleased he was?
Didn't everyone have lollies and oranges after the game?

MY handy man and I made a conscious decision that when our boys were old enough to play sport it would be a team sport..
We wanted to encourage team spirit,cooperation,friendships,sportsmanship and fun..

Our son is congratulated on his game ..Win OR lose.
We ask did you have fun?(always a yes to that one).

It made me really sad to see this boys face...
I made the effort and went over and told him what a great game he had..his face lit up.

Is it my mummy hormones that makes me saddened by this..NO!!!!
It is my expectation that no matter the outcome of a game, every child should be encouraged and no matter what sport they play it is up to the parents to allow there child to enjoy their sport.

I know this is a bit deep but I love watching my son and his mates play together and I know that my little comment to my sons mate might have just for a minute made him feel proud and happy and isn't that's what sport is all about?????

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Damn You Jack frost!!!

It's winter in Australia at the moment and my poor garden is suffering..

The soil where we live is very clayey (is that a word?) so I repurpose a lot of different containers for growing..

Thought I'd share a few pictures before Jack Frost settles in and ends up killing the lot off...

I definetly don't have a green thumb, but I can promise you that I try very hard..

Again all these containers etc have been "roady rescues'"..

Here's to Spring because I ALWAYS believe that this will be the season that my garden will flourish...
HEY a girl can always dream!!!!!!!

A window to my soul!!

This lovely little paned door was just laying by the roadside calling my name..
Home we went together..
A quick sand...
A few coats of paint and a light distress and it started looking pretty....
Some lovely floral fabric gathered at the back...
A new handle and there you have it a little shabby window to adorn my shelf..
My handy man bought me the cherub the other day to watch over me...So Sweet...
I get such great enjoyment in bringing out the beauty of something that someone thought was junk....
Thank you to all my new "friends" who have dropped by to take a look...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Foot Fetish!!!!

Yes,I have a foot fetish!!!
Not a weird crazy one, but a vintage,old and used one.
I adore vintage wooden shoe lasts..The kind an old cobbler would have sat hunched over his bench making someone the perfectly fitted pair of shoes with..Tapping tiny nails into them, which has left the most perfect patina to the wood...
I have several of these scattered around my house and they look so sweet..
My handy man put up my roady rescued shelf yesterday and it's the perfect place to display a childs pair of shoe lasts...
I also have several other fetishs...but more about them later.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's a bit chilly

It's chilly this morning...In between taking our oldest to his part time job at Macca's, taking our youngest to soccer and everything else that goes on in between these things I'm getting my husband organised..
1st stop the hardware shop to get some screws to put up my shelf....A road side find that has been refreshed[show you when it's up]...Pick up a piece of timber to put into the base of a rocking chair that I've redone..yes another roady rescue...Then if I can sweet talk him enough maybe he'll help me move the sideboard so I can get set to work on it..
I'll put all the before photos of my road side rescues up soon and I just can't get over the fab stuff people throw out...But to all you out there who put their "junk" out the front I say THANK YOU, you continually make my day..Now I'm going to squeeze in a quick cup of tea before my handy man returns...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Second Time Lucky.

This is my second attempt at running my blog...So here goes...
I live in the suburbs with my three favourite guys...
I adore old vintage furniture that I bring back to life with a lick of white paint and a rub of sandpaper.
I am inspired by all the wonderful talented people out there who share through their blogs and I hope maybe that I can inspire others as well.
I love to share ideas and creations so I hope that many friendships will be made and to all you who love white ....I say .....AMEN...