Friday, June 24, 2011

Is he serious?

The other night whilst watching TV the phone rang..
Up I sprung to answer it..
It was quite late so I was wondering who would be calling.
The conversation went like this:
"Hi mum."
"Jake, is that you?"
"Yeah it's me."
"What are you doing son,are you crazy???"
"NO.I'm thirsty! Can you please bring me in a drink".
You see,he was in his bedroom,wrapped in his quilt watching T.V in the comfort of his electric blanket.
He didn't want to get up because it was to cold!!!!!!!!!!
Needless to say, I did not get him a drink and haven't had any phone calls since..
Seriously, some mothers do have "em..

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Winter pretties..

The chill has definetly arrived..
It has been snowing up the Blue Mountains..
We have had ice covering our cars most mornings..
My plants are still having some pretty displays..
Last year this was deep pink,this year a pale shade..go figure!!

I love planting in vintage containers..

I've tried for my garden to have the look of an English cottage garden..

I'm trying really hard..
These are my neighbours wild roses peeking above the lovely..

Winter may be cold but my flowers warm my heart..

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Winston worries..

Oh boy,having a puppy is like having a toddler all over again..
Making mischief and putting things in their mouth that shouldn't be in there..
This very thing happened last night at about 9.30pm..
Our sweet Winston (7.5 months) found a little packet of ratsack.. (mouse bait)
I don't know how he got to it as it was behind a fridge in the bar area and I can't for the life of me remember how long it's been there..
The handyman spied him with it and immediately removed it from him and then we went into emergency flight mode..
The chemicals in ratsack can be fatal..
So I'm trying to locate an emergency Vet and can you believe it, not one of them answers their phone!!!!
We take him to the Animal Referral Hospital which is about 40 minutes from our home..
They induced vomiting and checked it all out and the GREAT news was that they don't think he ate any..YEAH...
Our poor little man.He is on a 2 week course of vitamin K tablets to protect his liver (just in case) but he seems to be just fine..
SO,$210 later,we took him home and all agreed it was worth the money just to be sure..
Winston,you are definetly one of the gang and we love you to

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sarah Beeny

I've recently told you how much I like Kirstie Alsopp,well here's another favourite.
I adore Sarah Beeny...

The english straight talking property developer,wife, mother of 4 boys, author and T.V presenter.
She's not afraid to get her hands dirty and mixes it with the best of them.
I've been watching her show: "Beeny's restoration Nightmare",where she and her cute husband Graham renovate a centuries old country mansion: Rise Hall.

I love how she doesn't glam herself up for the cameras:she's a jeans and t-shirt girl.

Calls it as she sees it and is a great mum all at the same time.
The finished Rise Hall is glorious and a wedding there would be beautiful.

I hear she may be pregnant with her 5th baby ,but I don't think it will slow her down one little bit.
Sarah Beeny I salute you for being a strong and assertive woman..HIP HIP HOORAY!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It's still wet and wild down here and I have a day off from work..
Have been moving things around a bit..
So I thought I'd show you some of my pretties..

I covered this wired lamp shade with two vintage napkins and made little rosettes out of another.It's so pretty at night.
The little coasters I made from vintage music sheets and cheap cork backing.I keep them in the sweet silver toast rack..

These beautiful french paper ribbons are under an old clock cloche.I stood it on an upturned vintage silver champagne goblet and shabby crystal plate..

I found this romantic oil painting by the side of the road..It's dreamy..
Love it with my tarnished silverware and candle light.

I've moved my shabby french grey sideboard into our loungeroom..
I adore it's scalloped doors and turned legs..

I decided to make a little reading nook,just off our kitchen..
This old pine chest got the treatment..
Painted white and distressed lightly.
I padded the top and covered it with one of my grandmothers vintage tablecloths and edged with lace.
A few cushions that I made, make a comfy backrest..

I hope you're all having a wonderful week..

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Lovin'

It's wet and cold today..
The house is toasty and the tea is devine..
Great day for visiting all your lovely blogs..
Everyone out there is so inspirational and clever to boot!..
Found some gorgeous images,so I thought 'd share them with you..
Whilst it's cold down here I'm already imagining how lovely summer will be..
These gorgeous images make summer lovin' easy..
Imagine a summer meal in these outdoor spaces, maybe wearing a little something special..
Love it..xx

Carolina Panache

Calamity KIm



Princess 83

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New day NEW attitude..

It's a new day..
Time for a NEW attitude..
No more feeling miserable..
I'm kickstarting HAPPY into place..

Looking on the positive,NOT dwelling on the negative..
Happy to be here and thankful for each day..
Things that are going to make me smile today:
My two fabulous boys..

My handyman..

Our puppy Winston..Always a happy soul..

MY reflection in the mirror..It means I'm still here and it's o.k..

I hope your weekend is a happy one..

Friday, June 10, 2011

The dumps..

This is how I'm feeling at the moment..

I don't mean to complain...But..
Seriously, I don't know why I can't shake this feeling..
Maybe the onset of winter has made me feel this way..
Maybe life in general has just caught up with me..
This weekend I'm going to try to shake these blues...BECAUSE...
I have so much to be thankful for..I need to start realising it...
I hope this weekend you do the things that make you feel great..
Be kind to yourself...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kirstie Allsopp

I adore this girl..

I watch all her shows..
Kirstie Allsopp,the English home guru...
She buys and sells properties..
Is a crafting queen..
Has several TV shows and great books as well..
Not only is she pretty but has a fab personality to boot..
She has a beautiful country house in Devon,England,which you can rent out..

She has decorated the home almost entirely with secondhand finds...My kind of girl..

I'd love to holiday in her home..

It's so sweet and welcoming..

Her home is called, "Meadowbank"..
How perfectly gorgeous..