Monday, June 11, 2012

Thanks LIZ..

Today is a holiday here,as we celebrate Queen Elizabeths Birthday.

Fittingly, it's freezing cold and pouring rain,just like good old England.
So I'm going to make a ruffle tablecloth today and hopefully it will be lovely.
I'll show you the finished results later.
With the Queens jubilee happening, I'm loving everyones blogs and their british decorating.
So thanks "LIZ", for the day off and all the inspiring crafty works..

Monday, June 4, 2012

Why I love

Today it is wet and dreary,the perfect kind of winter day to visit Target.
I know my U.S.A friends can get great things in their Target stores,even Rachel Ashwell (I wish.)
My local store has just had a burst of shabby french homewares, and I'm all over it.
I've now got my eye on some  burlap inspired pillows and the sweetest topiaries in french urns.
Now if we could get Ms Ashwell to send her stuff our way,I'd be in heaven..

For $20,I'm in love with this birdcage mirror.

For $6 each I got these gorgeous heavy french grey plaster fruits.

Just $9 each, these divine hurricane glass love love..
What fab finds have you got at Target?