Sunday, September 30, 2012

Too tired..

Usually I like to show pretty pics,gush about my kids or show some of my recent redo's, but today I'm sooooo tired!
My new part time job has turned into so much more.
I really enjoy the job but never really saw myself spending so many hours away from home.
My kids are growing up so quick, yet I feel so guilty not being as accessible as I was once.
Now, they're almost 18 and 15 and I'm guessing they're not anywhere near as worried as I am about me being away from home.
I'm tired to the point, my poor house is being a little neglected and that's just not me.
So, as I sit here all by my lonesome, (one son is out and about,the other is x-boxing with his mates), I'll let my batteries recharge and since I have tomorrow off (YIPPEE) I'm going to have a nice brekkie/brunch with the boys and hopefully they'll help their tired mum spruce up the house a little.(A girl can dream,can't she?).

Enjoy your week..xx

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

High School Graduation..

Today is a day of mixed emotions.
My eldest son graduated high school today.
It started with a school mass and tonight is the graduation awards ceremony.
I'm so very proud that he has completed 13 years of schooling but can't help becoming teary eyed, everytime I think this phase of his life has finished.
He's grown into a young man in the blink of an eye.
Now a new phase for him and for me.
It's hard accepting that he doesn't need me as much as he once did.
He'll always be my little boy,even though he towers over me and his feet are twice as big as mine.
Congratulations son..xx

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Trestle table..

Since we are sprucing up our back yard with a mini makeover,I've decided that my large timber dining table will be going outside for use in our new eating area.
Which gives me a great excuse to buy a new table for inside
I'm loving the industrial feel and shabby look of a trestle table.

I've loved these tables forever.

So I'm on the lookout !

 Scouring Ebay and checking out everything thats been left on the kerb.
Some of my best finds have been roadside rescues.

I don't mind what colour the table is, as a quick sand and a can of paint can fix anything up.

So I'm officially on the hunt !

Wish me luck and I hope you find some treasures this weekend..xx

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sheet music ceiling rose/medallion..

I love my new $39 Aldi chandy.

It's twinkly and sparkly.
The only thing I didn't like is the attachment where it joins the ceiling.
So, I went a searching for a solution.
I saw many gorgeous ideas and chose to make a ceiling rose/medallion from a vintage picture frame and sheet music.

Over to the Graphics Fairy to print off the sheet music.
I had the old frame stored away.
A little construction glue to attach the frame to the ceiling, (it's not coming off in a hurry).
I stuck the sheet music to the frame backing with plain old paste.

 I love it's vintage look and I feel now, that my chandelier looks complete.xx