Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just a thought..

It's Saturday again, which means we were off to watch our youngest play soccer.
The boys had a great game.
Coach was pleased and boys were happy..Good stuff.
Why then at the end of the game did I feel a touch of sadness?
One of the boys who had had a terrific game was being lectured by his father about how he could have done so much better on the field..
Didn't the boys just win?
Didn't the coach say how pleased he was?
Didn't everyone have lollies and oranges after the game?

MY handy man and I made a conscious decision that when our boys were old enough to play sport it would be a team sport..
We wanted to encourage team spirit,cooperation,friendships,sportsmanship and fun..

Our son is congratulated on his game ..Win OR lose.
We ask did you have fun?(always a yes to that one).

It made me really sad to see this boys face...
I made the effort and went over and told him what a great game he had..his face lit up.

Is it my mummy hormones that makes me saddened by this..NO!!!!
It is my expectation that no matter the outcome of a game, every child should be encouraged and no matter what sport they play it is up to the parents to allow there child to enjoy their sport.

I know this is a bit deep but I love watching my son and his mates play together and I know that my little comment to my sons mate might have just for a minute made him feel proud and happy and isn't that's what sport is all about?????

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  1. Thats a little sad for your sons mate cause thats what he will remember of his Dad coming to soccer. I love watching my son play & he has a wonderful team with a great coach, that teaches them all about being a team & good sportsmanship. Its a fabulous start to team sport!!!Have a great weekend!!!


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