Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pushy Pink

As much as I love white I've been noticing something lately.
PINK is pushing it's way into my decor...PUSHY PUSHY!!!!
It's been popping up in little doses..

*Here in this pin cushion..

*In my bathroom..the palest pink framed mirror..

*It's popped up on this delightfully chippy side table..

*Also appearing in the vintage chenille and floral lampshade..

*And it's hanging around on little rusty hangers..

It's ok..I'll let it stay ..
Only as long as it understands, that "WHITE", is my first love.

Although pink just may be my NEW passion...


  1. Pink is the new white! I love pink and sage green too! My Nana had pink and white all over her upstairs. If only I could turn back time and snatch all of her accessories. Have a pink day! ;)Alyssa

  2. I have a feeling that there are more than a few closet pink-lovers in blogland! It is such a pretty colour. You have some lovely pink pieces there.
    The colour I used on my coffee table is called MESH (British Paints). Thanks for your kind comment :o)

  3. I adore pink and use it in my decorating as much as I can (and as much as hubby will tolerate!!). Your pinks look fabulous!

    Best wishes,


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