Monday, August 23, 2010

Music to my ears..

Yesterday my youngest son said something to me that was "music to my ears"..

"Mum, I'll cook dinner tonight.."

Well he didn't have to say that twice..

He's just about to turn 13 and it wouldn't have mattered if he"d served up bread and butter, I was over the MOON!!!

He excelled himself..

Homemade hamburgers from scratch with a side serving of potato gems..

He toasted the buns and laid the cheese..

Made the patties from scratch and cooked them himself..

Sliced the tomato and sprinkled with pepper..

A drizzling of sauce..


It tasted great..

(I didn't have the potato gems I was saving myself for a chocolate biscuit with a cup of tea later on.)

This is how everyones plate ended up..

I got to do the washing up, but I did it with a big smile on my face..xx


  1. Those look yummy! What a great boy you have on your hands!!

  2. Some one elses cooking always tates better. Sounds like he is a great kid, offering to do nice things for his mum, thats lovely!!!!

  3. How sweet of him! Gotta love it when the kids offer to cook or clean!! Thanks for stopping by my blog too! :)

  4. Oh Tara happy happy HAPPY dance....You have the makings of the perfect young man here....!!

    I bet you ENJOYED doing those dishes....!

    WAY TO GO....!

    Tamarah :o)

  5. Hola Tara !! Qué momento más bonito para atesorar en el recuerdo cuando un niño nos ofrece su cariño.
    Un saludo

  6. How adorable! What a great son to take some of the "mommy" chores off of your hands. I hope to one day be that lucky with my own son who is 12 1/2.

  7. A budding chef in the making. How sweet.


  8. Bless him! What a gorgeous son you have...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and saying hi.


    PS - you must tell me your secret of how you convinced your husband to live in a 'girly' house... I'm still working on mine!


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