Saturday, October 16, 2010

The affair..


It's all good, my handy man already knows about it..

You see I'm having an affair..

An affair of the heart..

An affair of the swedish kind..

Not the tall, gorgeous and blonde kind of affair..

But the big, spacious,inspiring and addictive kind..

I'm in love with IKEA!!!!!
Whilst redoing our master bedroom I've been visiting my new love..

I've had stolen moments...Dreamy moments...

Oh yes and some lovely exchanges(of the cash kind)..

Guess what, I'm even happy to share my new love with others..

So do tell..are you secretly in love as well?


  1. I'm secretly in love with flea markets of all kinds! ;) Ikea is great too!!! ;)Alyssa of Boston B

  2. Hello thanks for visiting my blog.....your blog is also wonderful.......i like it !! nice !!.......have a wonderful and hugs from me Ria...

  3. and i forget...i love Ikea tooooo!!

  4. Oh I soooooo love Ikea...I must get to that place soon...Christmas will be happening there!

    Thank you for visiting me the other day...I do love it over here! xoxoxo

  5. Oh Tara...hubby and I were at our daughter's apartment today putting up some of the new Ikea kitchen goodies she recently bought and a new cover for her Ikea couch! It is such a fun place! Have you stopped to east at their in-store restaurant? I haven't tried the meatballs yet...but thumbs up on the shrimp on toast!

    Thanks for signing up for my giveaway...I signed up as your newest follower tonight! :)

  6. I've never been to an IKEA! So, I'm sure I'm really missing out. There aren't any nearby so I have to settle for Home Goods and TJ's.

    Keep me posted on all your pretties from there.


  7. I have the same love and being swedish my love affair with the meatballs is out of control. hehe.

  8. totally love Ikea too, my latest love are those french striped tea towels at 49cents each. Bought a bundle of those!

  9. It's an attraction I can relate to. I've had affairs of my own - Craig (he has a great List) and Michael's, just to name a couple.
    Great post!


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