Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here we go...

The new year has begun..

I'm deciding on my first project.

The list is getting long-

*paint hallway
*paint front door- unsure about the colour.

(loving this red)

*revamp tv stand
*repaint kitchen cabinetry

(Loving the blue and white combo)

*buy a new lounge for our family room

(love to relax on this one)

*spruce up my roadside rescued outdoor table setting..

Handy man is home on holidays so I'm going to use and abuse his labour skills whilst I can.

I'll let you know when I decide on the first job I'm tackling
and I 'hope you continue to drop by to see how I'm going.

Winston our new puppy is settling in well and is sleeping through the night_YIPPEE!!

(the collar thing isn't very popular with him)


  1. Hi Tara,

    your project list is as long as ours. Once you have finished painting would you like to pop over to ours?? We have to finish painting the house and the little fence I build two years ago! :O Winston is very cute :) Tamara x

  2. All the best with your projects...look forward to seeing them here! Funny how puppies hate their collars at first then look forward to you putting them on later in life.

  3. Winston is a drop dead cutie!!
    Happy New Year to you :) and I hope you get through your 'list' too!
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Irene x

  4. Happy new year Tara !!! that puppy !!!.....xxxxx.....

  5. Tara thanks for the lovely comment on Evie's arrival, we think it is a cute name too.
    I was going to email you but couldn't find an email address.
    Oh how Winston is growing

  6. I will definately watching this space tara, I love your projects & Winston is sooo cute!!!

  7. Hi Tara! So nice to meet you. I think we all have to do lists a mile long! I do love the light and airy kitchen you are inspired by. I'd love to see what you do with yours! Have a great week my new friend!!!
    My Desert Cottage
    Valentine Design

  8. So glad you stopped by and followed my blog, Tara! I am a new follower, too and am looking forward to reading more about your projects! We are getting ready to paint our cabinets and add a beadboard backsplash like the photo! So nice to make a new blog friend!

  9. Thanks for dropping by today Tara! So nice to meet you and little Winston! Looking forward to sharing together, I'm still trying to decide what project to take on many to do! lol

  10. Dont you just love it..projects for the new year already!!
    Sounds fun!
    Is Winston a westie? :) We have a westie and 3 scottish terriers. We find that our love the harness type collar...they wear it all the time and its not hard on their neck. Ill send you a photo of it.

    Deborah :)

  11. What a nice house you have got! Dont see any need for redoing ;) I like your blog (and your soo qute little dog).

    Im following too!

    Have a nice day Tara, see you soon :)


Thanks for dropping by.I love it when you visit..xx