Tuesday, February 22, 2011

See ya Summer..

Our summer is drawing to an end.
I'm kinda glad to see it go.
I know all my friends elsewhere are freezing their buns off but I've had enough.
Extreme temperatures,power blackouts and melting humidity.
Queensland ravaged by floods and cyclones.
Sth Australia and Victoria getting washed away
Western Australia burning.
This summer has been cruel.
I'm hoping with the change of season things will settle down, weather wise.
My garden needs C.P.R., it's been crispy fried.
So bring on Autumn/Fall.
I do love wearing a nanna cardigan when the weather starts to change.

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  1. i know how you feel, but really i never look forward to winter, I would prefer Spring all the time:)

  2. We have been sending lots of prayers to all of you down under...it has been heartbreaking to see what has taken place. Hopefully the turn in weather will put everything back in order.

    I love this cardigan....and it's pink!!!
    Pamela xo

  3. Im with you there, bring on Autumn its my favourite season. Megan xx

  4. Oh and I'm dreeeaming of summer, but you've kinda made me think about the fried feeling! I guess I should rejoice in the freezing cold right now! ;)Alyssa

  5. Hi Tara,
    It's funny how we are looking forward to warmer weather and you are ready for cooler.
    I love your sweet pink sweater.


  6. I really hope Autumn treats you all a lot better than summer did! Enjoy your changing seasons!


  7. I love your pale pink sweater. Very pretty and delicate looking.

    It's so funny to hear what kind of weather you are wanting when we are all so ready for sunshine.

  8. So fascinating that you're "over" Summer and I'm DYING to dig out of all of this snow! Cute cardi, by the way. :)


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