Sunday, April 24, 2011

Onya Diggers

To all the very brave men who fought for our freedom I'd like to say "thank you".

Thanks for your bravery,your mateship and your national pride.

Us Aussies are what we are because of who you guys are..

My sons walk around freely because someone elses son fought and died for them.

You are heroes,you are treasures...

So, Onya Diggers,enjoy your day of recognition..


  1. a sweet tribute. happy easter!

  2. That bottom picture is very moving. We truly owe these brave men and women many thanks and much gratitude.

  3. Hi Tara
    I come from a family that was always very involved in ANZAC Day and the RSL marches and cannot help but think of them all on this day.. lovely tribute..

    Thanks so much for popping over my way and entering the giveaway.. good luck to you!!! ciao xxx Julie

  4. Nice post Tara... nothing like a good dose of Aussie spirit!

    Angela x

  5. Dearest Tara,

    Great tribute! Like our Memorial Day today...
    Thanks for writing about such important issues that most young people seem to take for granted nowadays.

    Lots of love,



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