Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It's still wet and wild down here and I have a day off from work..
Have been moving things around a bit..
So I thought I'd show you some of my pretties..

I covered this wired lamp shade with two vintage napkins and made little rosettes out of another.It's so pretty at night.
The little coasters I made from vintage music sheets and cheap cork backing.I keep them in the sweet silver toast rack..

These beautiful french paper ribbons are under an old clock cloche.I stood it on an upturned vintage silver champagne goblet and shabby crystal plate..

I found this romantic oil painting by the side of the road..It's dreamy..
Love it with my tarnished silverware and candle light.

I've moved my shabby french grey sideboard into our loungeroom..
I adore it's scalloped doors and turned legs..

I decided to make a little reading nook,just off our kitchen..
This old pine chest got the treatment..
Painted white and distressed lightly.
I padded the top and covered it with one of my grandmothers vintage tablecloths and edged with lace.
A few cushions that I made, make a comfy backrest..

I hope you're all having a wonderful week..


  1. Very pretty stuff! You always seem to find the best stuff on the side of the road lucky lady!!


  2. Hi Tara! All your things look so pretty and whimsical...gotta love a good, refreshing shift around too!

  3. Such pretty things you did today!

  4. Tara, I love the lamp shade! It is just gorgeous and romantic. What a great idea to use grandmas table cloth like that! I have some of my grand mother linen and it just sits in the linen closet, you made me think I should use it and show it off!!


  5. Isn't it amazing how you can rearrange something and appreciate it all over again! I love your latest project making the reading nook out of the chest..great idea. The vintage tablecloth is a scene stealer!

  6. I love the lampshade!!!! so soft, everything is looking gorgeous!!!

  7. So many wonderful make overs. I love the lampshade. I surly can imagine it looks wonderful at night.

  8. Tara I read this Things my teenagers teach me!! post from you. I am laughing out loud here now.
    I have one boy on almost 14. ( the almost is very important you know. ;-) I have a daughter on almost 15 and yet another son on almost!!!! 18!!!!!
    i tell you. They are no different from your boys. All I am is a nag that drives them nuts. All problems comes down to me because I dont anderstand the most obvious of life.
    Got some years left woth teenagers here to. They are a pain in the ... but I love them so dearly all. :))

  9. That picture is so pretty! I love finding bargains and free stuff. It makes them even more special!

  10. Hi Tara,

    You have such gorgeously pretty things. I love your photos. They make me want every single thing!!



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