Sunday, June 19, 2011

Winston worries..

Oh boy,having a puppy is like having a toddler all over again..
Making mischief and putting things in their mouth that shouldn't be in there..
This very thing happened last night at about 9.30pm..
Our sweet Winston (7.5 months) found a little packet of ratsack.. (mouse bait)
I don't know how he got to it as it was behind a fridge in the bar area and I can't for the life of me remember how long it's been there..
The handyman spied him with it and immediately removed it from him and then we went into emergency flight mode..
The chemicals in ratsack can be fatal..
So I'm trying to locate an emergency Vet and can you believe it, not one of them answers their phone!!!!
We take him to the Animal Referral Hospital which is about 40 minutes from our home..
They induced vomiting and checked it all out and the GREAT news was that they don't think he ate any..YEAH...
Our poor little man.He is on a 2 week course of vitamin K tablets to protect his liver (just in case) but he seems to be just fine..
SO,$210 later,we took him home and all agreed it was worth the money just to be sure..
Winston,you are definetly one of the gang and we love you to


  1. Oh poor Winston! He is adorable!! So glad he's okay. I have a fresh puppy too, but we love him to pieces!!!Alyssa

  2. So glad Winston is ok! These animal children keep us on our toes don't they? Same thing happen to our daughters pup several years ago, but he ate it! They almost lost him, he made it.....but he had issues from it the rest of his life.

  3. Glad that your gorgeous Winston is okay. Would have been quite frightening and I bet you are happy all is well. Phew!

    Pam x

  4. OH I am so glad he is okay! Such a cute dog!

  5. Oh those crazy little puppies! Out puppy and your puppy sound like they are in the same boat. Cody keeps having to remind me that she is still a puppy when she does something mischievous! So glad to hear that Winston is could you not save a cutie like him!?!


  6. Oh Tara I am so glad Winston is ok. Ratsak is so often fatal. Our local vets had an article in our community newspaper just a week or two ago about the increase in cases they had seen. (because of the mouse plague we are having)

  7. oh no, I'm glad Winston is ok. We have two little doggies, they are about 18 months now, and what one doesn't do the the other one does. But they are also a big part of the family.

  8. Poor thing....and he is SO CUTE
    Shel x

  9. Oh poor Winston! Thank goodness he is ok, he is soooooo cute! He looks like he is going to be full of energy in no time and has plenty of mischief in him yet! X

  10. O no !! poor Winston...hope their is nothing wrong with him !!

  11. Phew!!! Winston was so lucky, our pets really do become a part of the family don't they!!!

  12. Turn your back on a puppy and he's into something! I am so glad he's ok, what a worry. My three are having outbursts of jealousy at the moment. All of them have decided they have to be the closest to me at all times and have been having growls and snapping at each other when they're not..I hope they sort!

  13. Hi Tara,
    thank you for your visit at my blog!
    I'm a follower of you too!
    Have a good day!
    Bye Bye by Francy

  14. HEAVENS Tara....I'm so GLAD little Winston is none the worse for wear....LUCKY someone was on hand to catch him in the act....!!

    You must have been in a STATE....!!!!!

    Tamarah :o)


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