Thursday, July 28, 2011

Girls day out.

This weekend my dear friend Annette and I are off on a girls adventure..
We are heading to the Southern Highlands..
A gorgeous part of New South Wales..
We will be antiquing,talking,bargain hunting,chatting,oohing and aahing,gossiping, eating,verbalising,tea swilling,chattering and you can bet we'll be laughing..
Did I mention we, LOVE to chat!!
First stop historic Berrima, then off to beautiful Berry.
Thelma and Louise have got nothing on us..
No boys allowed,just two girls who could talk the leg off a table..
I'll be sure to show you all the goodies we buy..


  1. Hi Tara..I can't wait to see more of your adventure. Whenever I used to have to go to Sydney from Canberra in my years living there I always made a point of stopping at Berrima, the shops are just beautiful.

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time. x

  3. Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


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