Tuesday, August 28, 2012

French Lemonade and Orchids..

For several years now, I have had an Orchid that just wouldn't flower.
I moved it to different spots,fertilised it, even had a chat or two with it but to no avail.
This morning to my surprise my sweet Orchid has bloomed.

I couldn't leave it outside for no one to admire,so in it came.
Whilst shoppping at Aldi I found some lovely French Lemonade bottles.
I bought a few and they tasted delicious..
The bottles now make pretty vases.

Did you notice my new pendant lampshade hanging around?

A bargain find from K Mart.

Spring is coming and I can't wait for all my flowers to bloom..

Wishing you a wonderful week..xx


  1. Your orchid is beautiful! Enjoy the beginning of spring...I can't wait for fall!


  2. Every orchid always looks as though it's handpainted don't you think? Exquisite. I'm going to check my Aldi's out for those bottles too.

  3. Your blooming orchid is a sign of good times. Enjoy!


  4. ahh for minute I thought you were going to say that if I fed my orchid lemonade it would bloom..... No idea then what caused the actual bloom?


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