Tuesday, September 18, 2012

High School Graduation..

Today is a day of mixed emotions.
My eldest son graduated high school today.
It started with a school mass and tonight is the graduation awards ceremony.
I'm so very proud that he has completed 13 years of schooling but can't help becoming teary eyed, everytime I think this phase of his life has finished.
He's grown into a young man in the blink of an eye.
Now a new phase for him and for me.
It's hard accepting that he doesn't need me as much as he once did.
He'll always be my little boy,even though he towers over me and his feet are twice as big as mine.
Congratulations son..xx


  1. Oh Tara, I'm struggling with these exact feelings as well. Where did the time go?

  2. Your kids always need you..just in different ways. Congrats to your son on his graduation, and to you for getting him to this point!

  3. I know it's quite daunting when you think that they have to make their way in the world themselves now, but it's much easier for the ones who have good family support..like you! Congratulations to your son!

  4. My little man is only 4.5 and I am already dredding the time he won't need me as much. Thanks for helping me remember to make the most of this time. Congratulations to your not so little man.....

  5. Oh I know this feeling to well tara, I had both of my older girls graduate last night. Its amazing how much they actually grow up after they leave school!!

  6. Cherish the moment! Congratulations for a job well done for both your son and you! Kids don't get through school without the support of their family and the constant shuttling to school activities, etc.

  7. I remember when I first gradated I was so happy for myself.


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