Friday, January 18, 2013

Hot Stuff..

Whilst some parts of the world are still shivering, we are sweltering.
Today was the hottest day on record in my home town.
46.5* celcius.
That's 115.7* fahrenheit..
There are terrible bushfires and properties lost.
Power blackouts due to the increased pressure on the electrical grid from all the air conditioners running.
I know Australia is a hot climate but this is ridiculous.
Tomorrow, we are promised much cooler temps and I know my Dog Winston will be happy to hear that.
Make sure if you're coming Down Under for a visit to bring your sunscreen, you're gonna need it.
Here's to a cooler weekend and hopefully some rain to bring the bushfires under control..xx


  1. Oh my! Sounds like Texas! I hope y'all get some rain and relief soon. Prayin' for you and everyone there! Diane

  2. Here we have snow...and it is freezing now.....!!...good luck with the sun darling.......i hope their will be no fires anymore.....thinking of all those people who loosing their love


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