Tuesday, January 8, 2013

STOP! ...I'm NOT ready..

On Saturday the 12th my eldest son will turn 18.
This is ridiculous.
Where did the last 18 years go?
My adorable baby, is now a gorgeous young man.
I'm not ready yet for all this to happen.
Letting go is REALLY hard for me .
I know he's really excited for this milestone to come but I could go a few more years yet.
We all know our babies have to grow up, but why so quickly?

Happy Birthday my darling son and no matter what age you are,you're still my little boy..

Love you..xx


  1. The thought of my children growing up breaks my heart. He is incredibly gorgeous, well done Tara. Happy birthday to your baby :)

  2. happy birthday!!!! don't ya wish they could stay little longer!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to your son! What a nice looking young man you have there mom!


  4. They do grow up way too fast! What a good looking boy you have Tara.

  5. People always said they grow up quickly but now mine have I know what they were saying is true. It's funny how it didn't seem that way when I was tired and they were cranky way back then! You have a very handsome son..with a beautiful smile.

  6. What a lovely looking young man! I agree time goes too fast - my son is ten and sometimes his busy 'mess' drives me crazy but I remind myself that one day I will be missing it! Enjoy every moment & milestone! X


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