Monday, July 5, 2010

Foot Fetish!!!!

Yes,I have a foot fetish!!!
Not a weird crazy one, but a vintage,old and used one.
I adore vintage wooden shoe lasts..The kind an old cobbler would have sat hunched over his bench making someone the perfectly fitted pair of shoes with..Tapping tiny nails into them, which has left the most perfect patina to the wood...
I have several of these scattered around my house and they look so sweet..
My handy man put up my roady rescued shelf yesterday and it's the perfect place to display a childs pair of shoe lasts...
I also have several other fetishs...but more about them later.


  1. Hi tara, thankyou for visiting my blog! it took me two goes at starting my blog also! but I am glad that i persisted as I really enjoy it and i am sure that you will to!
    I look forward to following you,
    Laura curriexx

  2. Welcome to blog land Tara, and thanks so much for stopping by to visit. I started my blog last fall, and it's been lots of fun. I'm sure you're going to enjoy it :-)

  3. Hello Tara, I love those little feet molds- i recently started buying them when i see them- they are too cute-and just have that vintage look- So Me Too.. Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Karryann- i too am a new follower of you.


Thanks for dropping by.I love it when you visit..xx