Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's a bit chilly

It's chilly this morning...In between taking our oldest to his part time job at Macca's, taking our youngest to soccer and everything else that goes on in between these things I'm getting my husband organised..
1st stop the hardware shop to get some screws to put up my shelf....A road side find that has been refreshed[show you when it's up]...Pick up a piece of timber to put into the base of a rocking chair that I've redone..yes another roady rescue...Then if I can sweet talk him enough maybe he'll help me move the sideboard so I can get set to work on it..
I'll put all the before photos of my road side rescues up soon and I just can't get over the fab stuff people throw out...But to all you out there who put their "junk" out the front I say THANK YOU, you continually make my day..Now I'm going to squeeze in a quick cup of tea before my handy man returns...


  1. Hi Tara, I look forward to reading more about you and your rescue projects...Rebecca

  2. Hi Tara. Second time lucky with your blog:o)
    That cup of tea looks so nice. I take mine with 3 sugars (argh) just for future reference;o)
    Happy to be following your new blog.

  3. HI Tara
    Thanks for your comment on my blog..I love duck egg blue too - will be an accent color in my soon to be renovated bedroom...About to enjoy a strong coffee on this beautiful, but fresh day.
    Rebecca x

  4. Hi Tara, welcome to blogging! I look forward to seeing your newest treasures and reading your future posts x

  5. Hi Tara, I am very new at blogging but look forward to your updates! Letitia x


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