Friday, July 16, 2010

How Exciting

I'm very excited because my new friend Christine over at sunshine & lollypops has presented me with an award.
Please visit her because her blog is lovely..

And now I believe i need to tell you 7 things you didn't know about me....Here goes..

1:Tea is my stable drink..Preferaby out of a pretty cup..Strong white-no sugar thanks..

2:I may live in Australia but I was born in Northern Ireland..So I've got a little leprachaun lurking somewhere inside me..

3:My favourite flower is the Gerbera..My handy man will sometimes surprise me with them.

4:I love the rain...I sleep better when it's raining and I enjoy being at home in the rain... It makes me get things done..

5:Not only do I like the colour white but have a bit of an addiction to the colour green...Must be the Irish in me!!!

6:My age ...I'm 41...BUT I officially stopped counting at 40...So I'm actually 40 for future reference.

7:I adore BLOG LAND..Everyone is so nice and I want to thank you all for welcoming me and visiting my little land..

Again please don't forget to visit Christine..Her blog name suits her to a tee!!!!!!


  1. Congratulations on your award Tara! I'm a tea drinker too and can't function without my daily cuppas :) and I think there's nothing nicer than lying in bed at night listening to the rain falling. Enjoy your Friday x

  2. Congratulations tara, its lovely to get to know you more...Lauras blog is great I love to visit!!!!
    thank you for being willing to join the fun at my new blog, I appreciate the support.
    Have a lovely weekend!!!

  3. Bravo on your award!:) I'll have to go over and take a looksie! Great 7 things. I love green as well:) Something about that color...Love your blog too. Have a great day! ;)Alyssa

  4. congratulations and a pleasure to know you! will be visiting you again soon and enjoyed reading your blog. have a great weekend...verbenacottage


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