Sunday, July 18, 2010

Love Thy Neighbour..

My good friend and neighbour was clearing out her backyard shed and she asked me if I would like this before she took it the tip.

Of course I said "Yes Please!!!!"

From glossy black to wonderful white.I love how the black came through when I sanded it.

It now sits atop my handy mans tall boy..And I'm quietly pleased with the result.
I added this little lamp later...

My fab neighbour also gave me these gorgeous glass candleabras..

Yes ...Definetly Love Thy Neighbour..


  1. Dont you just love a suprise piece you never expected coming - and how gorgeous it can turn out to be with a coat of paint (and some effort from you)!! Well done it looks great. I love the candelabras...
    Rebecca x

  2. What a fabulous neighbor....& a fantastic transformation. I was looking at candelabra's that look like yours in a store called super dollar & they where $50 ea so great gift for sure!!!

  3. Hi tara, that looks so amazing!! what an awesome neighbour!! How old are your boys? My oldest is only just 13, but I feel like he has been a teenager forever!! dont they kill you? ha ha!!! going to add your blog to my list and will love following you!!
    hugs from lauraxx

  4. Fantastic makeover Tara!! And how lucky you are to have such a lovely neighbour! Amazing what a little white paint can do.

  5. I want a neighbor with wonderful stuff like that! Thank you for becoming a follower on my blog-looking forward to following you too!

  6. Morning Tara....!!

    "Love thy neighbour"....LOVE it....hahahahaha....The mirror & the drawers turned out BEAUTIFULLY....TEN POINTS for the AWESOME distress job you did on it....Very VERY tastefully done....!!!

    Did you make that PRETTY shade for your little lamp....?? It's a STUNNER....!!

    Looking forward to seeing your next makeover project....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  7. So, so pretty and a beautiful lamp!!! May I ask, did you prime then paint, or just paint right over the brown. Crazy question I know, but I have a piece with that finish that I'd like to do over. Again, what a beautiful piece!!! Alyssa


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