Friday, August 27, 2010

Daffodil Day..

Today it is Daffodil Day..
The day when the Australian cancer council tries to raise funds for cancer research and awareness..
My family has been effected by cancer..Thank goodness all with good outcomes..
I always buy something from the cancer council because I want to make sure that my children and their children will hopefully grow up in a world where the word CANCER isn't scary..
So after work I want to get me some daffodils..

Thank you to everyone out there who dedicates their lives to finding cures so that everyone else can get on with living happy, healthy and long lives..
Spare a thought for all those living with cancer and count all your blessings,even the little ones..


  1. Lovely post Tara. Daffodils are on my list today as well.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I truly hate cancer and everything it means. My mother in law just finished chemo & radiation for breast cancer. Hopefully we are done with it! What a beautiful reminder!


  3. Todos debemos colaborar para que la investigación sobre el cáncer siga adelante y con mayor éxito. En mi familia también lo hemos sufrido y gracias a Dios todo ha salido bien.
    Un beso Tara.
    Preciosos los narcisos.

  4. Such a great cause, I am so glad that your family`s outcomes were positive, I hope it stays that way for you Tara. Hugs to you, Laura xx

  5. Hello Tara,
    Thank you so much for working so hard in supporting a cure for cancer. I'm also very happy that your family members have been cured.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for leaving well wishes for my son.


  6. Hi Tara, Its nice to meet you. Thanks for popping in and for following, much appreciated :) I will spend some time in your blog today :) bye, Tamara


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