Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red polka dot gumboots..

I just had to share with you my new purchase..
Got these from Target for an absolute bargain!

Aren't they cute??
I've been wearing them whilst preparing my garden for Spring..
There's nothing wrong with looking cute whilst killing the weeds!!
Now I have to get a great sunhat..
My kids are going to die of embarrassment..


  1. Hi Tara, Too cute! I am going to add you to my blog list so others can find you too. Have a great Sunday, Tamara

  2. I love them Tara, soooo cute. I have black & white floral gumboots, my hubby thinks there hilarious!!!! Happy gardening :0)

  3. oh yes I love these. i got similar ones from kmart last year but with skulls and roses on them!

  4. I love! Are fun and very chic! What enjoy in the garden. A hug.


  5. I love those and I have them in pastel plaid. I powerwashed my whole farmer's porch with these! Cars were going back and forth, but so what ;) I had my high boot rainboots, my tan shorts, my super paint stained shirt, hair in a pony, and I was happy as a duck! ;)Alyssa

  6. They are gorgeous Tara! Very stylish for pottering around the garden. xx

  7. Hi Tara, thanks for visiting me! I would be buying those boots too if we had Target here in NZ! They are awesome!!! Rachaelxo

  8. ...they are adorable...we here in the Pacific Northwest...can't get enough of them!...haven't seen these tho cute!..I am off to the USA this week...I didnt realize Target was in Australia...I will let my daughter know as she leaves for you fair country on monday sept 6th!...

  9. Just gorgeous!! and I have boring black ones... (they never seem to wear out) still I'm planting the tomato seedlings today!!!

  10. They are sooo it was raining every day and would be happy, to have so sweet boots for walking with my dog ;))!!!!! Have a wonderful week,



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