Monday, January 31, 2011

He's growing

Just thought I'd share with you, a very cute picture..

Winston is now almost 3 months old..

Cuter,cheekier and more lovable than ever..

Seriously,don't those eyes just melt you?..


  1. I have melted! What a gorgeous boy...I am in love. Pam x

  2. What a gorgeous pic. He looks full of beans.

  3. Hello Tara,
    Thanks for visiting and following my blog.Your puppy is adorable! He looks a like a very good puppy,unlike Bella who was trouble with a capital 'T'!
    I am so sorry to see and read of all the devastation caused by the horrendous floods over there.I hope you have not been affected too badly.
    Just off to have a look around your blog..bye for now! :0)

  4. Such a cutie! Are you sure he doesn't have blue contact lenses haha. He is jsut adorable Tara.
    I just caught up on your Gold Coast vacation. You are more game than me to go on those freaky rides!

  5. I just wanna squeeze him! Gorgeous little tyke :)

    Thanks for becoming my 57th follower. I will be your 133rd! I look forward to having a squiz around your blog.
    Megs :)

  6. So sweet! What a cutie :)

    Tks for stopping by. I love that your husband teared up over your old Valentine's card. Maybe I should try that. I think I've saved many of those too :)

  7. Oh how they melt me!
    He looks so much like a westie!!
    He's so cute and you musn't be able to keep your hands off him Tara!

    Deborah xo

  8. He is so gorgeous! I so want a puppy...Maybe one day!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,

  9. What a sweetie! Those eyes will get you through the messiest mess he makes.


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