Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's hot!!

Today it's 43 degrees celcius: 109.4 degrees farenheit..

The air conditioner is in over drive and it's too hot to even go in the pool.

To all those in the Northern hemisphere who are freezing,I kind of envy you right now..

My garden is dead..

My kids have been melting at school..

Mother nature, give us all a break..

So I'm day dreaming of wearing this..

Whilst sipping on this..

All the while, listening to the hum of my ducted air conditioner..

Hope your weekend is cooler..


  1. Hi Tara, Its so hot and humid here..its like soup...can't wait for a change in the weather. Stay cool, Tamara

  2. I know what you mean ,I am hoping the electricity stays on ,we had a blockout in the early morning hours!

  3. You are lucky that you have an air conditioner...we have a fan that blow around the hot sticky air...bring on winter is all I can say.

  4. It's a stinker alright Tara! We spent the morning lifting and removing carpet from an apartment, no air con, sweat dripping, YUCK. The bright side was we got the carpet (practically new) for free and there's enough to do our 3 kids bedrooms. Gotta look at the bright side :o)
    I remember those over 40 degree days in Wagga Wagga. That's why I only lasted there 2 years!

  5. Tara, you poor dear!! No, I really do feel for Take care of yourself and get into a pool! I'll be shovelling the snow here...

  6. The dress and drink look divine. Keep cool, we are trying to keep dry down here in Melbourne.

  7. It's pretty hot and sticky up here too...but the sun has now gone down and the fan is stirring the air and finally it's a pleasant kind of warm. I hope it's not as hot tomorrow for you! Forget the dress and the drink...just bring on air con or a cool waterfall.

  8. YOU WON! YOU WON! Please visit me ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

  9. I wish we can change the place to life...switzerland is cold...i wish i life in australia....thank you for thel lovely comment...

    big hug Jacqueline ♡

  10. Tara, you will be in big trouble with your US friends complaining about the heat!LOL They are all freezing to death. Of course I am in Florida and we are having gorgeous 79 - 80 degree weather. Well, You are the only one that has liked my storage box redo, that makes you special!


  11. I know what your saying, it would be okay if it cooled down of a night so we could get a bit of sleep, Im melting!!!

  12. Hi Tara, i'm freezing right now, so I envy you! thank you for your lovely comment,

    Cate, x

    p.s. love the dress!

  13. Oh ya?!
    I could use some heat right about now..maybe not scorcing hot but some... :)
    Keep cool and drink plenty of fluids...thats the momma in me speaking... lol

    Deborah xoxo


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