Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'll be screaming..

Next week, I'll be here..

On this crazy contraption..

Embarrassing my teenage sons, as I scream my head off..

We are taking the boys to the Gold Coast for a week of adrenaline junkie fun..

If I make it back in one piece with an intact voicebox, I'll show you some pics ..


  1. Soooo glad it's you not me!! Love to see your pics though!

  2. Tara! You are a brave girl! There is no way I would ever survive that monster. Have fun!!!


  3. What fun! I get so sick on those things but they are so much fun! Good luck to you!!


  4. Have fun at least the weather should be better ,spend lots of money which is the best way we can help Queenslanders now !

  5. Have a great time. Oprah just showed day 2 in Australia today, I want to go!! It is amazing, I bet this will boost your tourism sky high! I can't wait for tomorrows show!


  6. Oh the weather is beautiful here! Looks like it will stay this way for your visit! A-M xx

  7. Dearest Tara,

    Thanks for your comment and for participating in the giveaway. Don't get cramped toes from crossing them for good luck...!
    Great to have some visitors from the continent where we've worked as consultants as well! Also I do have family in Australia, in NSW in Broken Hill lives my uncle and my cousins live in Adelaide. Elizabeth used to live in the Melbourne area but she moved closer to her two brothers. You're for sure having better weather, aside from the flooding.
    Have a nice day/week and enjoy the Gold Coast!


  8. Tara, thanks for the post and kind words about my sister. How did you find my blog? I just started it last week, but I am getting there:-) Thanks again, Cindy

  9. hello i am sandra thank you for following me
    i do the same by you
    greatings from holland

    a lot of water i hope its soon over

  10. How fun!!!!!
    Thanks so much for your visit, beautiful blog!


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