Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's early Sunday morning.

Little Winston is on my knee and I'm enjoying my cup of tea.

Outside it is grey, dull and raining.
Now, as you may know I love the rain..The noise,the feel, the smell.

BUT come on, enough already.

Parts of Queensland have been devastated by the rain.

Homes lost,animals and crops dead!

As I sit here in the comfort of my home I'm praying for the Aussie summer to return..

I'm sending my thoughts to all my friends in Queensland.

Keep safe,keep dry and know you're in my heart.


  1. Thanks Tara, looks like the river peaked yesterday at 14.6 metres...15 would have meant a lot of businesses in the main street and homes would have been praise God far so good!

  2. I am doing much the same Tara, minus wet and smelly Toby!
    I am so over it, and so can only imagine those poor people without homes, and surrounded with water.
    A good day for ironing, yay, not!

  3. I know what you mean ,I was so excited yesterday when the sun came out .
    I don't mind the rain ,but you are right enough is enough!

  4. I hope the rain stops too and that you and your family are safe.


  5. omg i know enough already!! the rain is just getting too much. and yess those queenslanders stuck in the flood is just awful losing homes and things.
    lets hope the aussie summer does come back!!!
    i love your blog btw and im a new follower :) x


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