Monday, January 10, 2011

16 Already??

On Wednesday the 12th of January my gorgeous boy will be 16!

I can't believe it..

I feel like we just bought him home from the hospital..

He's turning into a fabulous young man and I'm so proud..
He will be going for his learners permit on this day..(I'm a wreck inside)..

Happy birthday my beautiful boy,wishing you a lifetime of love..xx


  1. Do you have to complete the Log Book for a Learners? Very painful for the supervisor who is usually a lovely parent.

    Very definately a gorgeous boy!
    Pam x

  2. Best wishes Tara to you and your son they grow up so quickly ,my youngest turned 19 recently and I know what you mean it all goes by far to quickly.

  3. I know, doesn't time go fast...I looked a lot younger sixteen years ago too! lol. I feel like warning Princess Mary to just look at her babies a lot and slow down to appreciate them as babies too, because it will be the same as for us, time will race by and before they know it those kids will be sixteen too.

  4. What a heartbreaker! Good luck with the learning permit and all that comes with it! And Happy Birthday to your boy!


  5. Hi Tara - I've just discovered your blog. Happy birthday to your son. I am in the same boat as you, my daughter will turn 16 in March and get her L's. Feel exactly like you as in the hospital only seems like yesterday! Mel xx

  6. Such a sweet post, Tara! He is a cutie! Time goes by SO fast...

  7. Happy birthday to your son for tomorrow. What dreamy eyes!!! I remember when our boys were going for their learners quite a few years back now, but it is an exciting time for them. I found the time together in the car while they were learning was great. Hope it goes well for you.

  8. Time goes quickly with kids growing up so fast. What a great looking guy and he's smile can make heads turn. I'm sure girls are interested in him that's for sure. He's got it!!.... watch out mom.

    Have a Wonderful Day*


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