Monday, February 7, 2011

Candle light..

I love the flicker of candle light..

I'm sharing a few snaps from around my home..

On the coffee table

The lounge


Atop the quilt cupboard

The entryway

I hope you all have a wonderful week..


  1. No doubt there is plenty of ambience in your home. Thanks for taking us on a photo journey of light.

  2. There is nothing quite so flattering as candlelight. Thank you for showing us some of your lovelies.
    Pamela xx

  3. I so love candles too! they calm me down and gives me something simple and gorgeous to look at. thanks for dropping by. Naomi x

  4. So pretty. And I see you have a soft spot for shiny crystals just like me :)


  5. I love your style Tara! An evening in for me just isn't the same without candles and a good old glass of pinot. :)

  6. I'm with you, love candles all around the house. The light they give just adds so much to a home and I often light them for dinner. Yours look beautiful. G

  7. Hey Tara..thanks for your comment on my post...Italy!! sooo exciting! Don't think I could do the backpacking holiday at my age! lol...not exactly doing luxury but here and there we might stay somewhere Valdirose in Florence..did you check it out?? swoon!!..we'll see how the budget holds out! NZ dollar is so lame!!
    Anyways...sooo looking forward to it.
    I meant to comment on your cuter than cute cup and saucer/teapot amazing is that??!! Awesome!
    Anyway..must go.
    ciao bella!!
    luv jessie x

  8. What a beautifully softly lit home you must must be a delight in the winter to cosy up in.

  9. Very beautiful, I love all of your candle holders!!!

  10. I'm always lighting a candle....all I need now are my own bees and I'd be good!


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