Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring...

Thought I'd wish all my northern hemisphere friends a happy Spring beginning..
After the wild winter you've all had I can only imagine how nice the sun must be starting to feel..

We're into Autumn (fall) and the rain is falling,the day is crisp and I'm loving it.

Looking forward to adding extra layers to the bed covers and trudging around in my Ugh boots..
Winter here, is nothing compared to what you guys get but it's still cold enough for me to usually complain about it..
Hope you all have a wonderful beginning to your first Spring week.
Stay safe..xx


  1. Thanks for the spring wishes..snow is melting well this week here in the North.
    Autumn for you...such a beautiful time of year!
    Enjoy Tara..xo

    Deborah xo

  2. Yes Tara so happy for Spring even though I live in the mildest part of Canada!! No snow here!
    Enjoy your pretty autumn!

    Pamela xo

  3. Thank you for the Spring wishes ~ We are having wonderful weather here in Ontario. Still a bit cool but sunny ;-)

  4. Me too tara!!! I do complain about the winter!!! I am already feeling the evenings get much colder :( I just hate knowing I have to get through another whole winter season before we can enjoy the summer again!!! I am spoilt I guess (i did once live in the UK and that was just unbearable!! - I keep reminding myself how fortunate we are here in perth!)
    Laura xxx

  5. The cherry blossoms have started to bloom, and I have daffodils in jar! Spring is definitely here! Hope you've had a great weekend. Em x

  6. Thanks so much for entering our giveaway! I am so happy to meet someone from Australia! It is so weird to think that you are into Fall..It has been a long winter here in Canada,so glad for the mild weather. I had my truck out for the first time today,that was fun!
    I look forward to following your blog!

  7. It is my first time on your blog and I got really excited when I saw that you are from Australia :) It is amazing to see the seasonal differences between the two hemispheres. I am now a follower so should be back soon

  8. Spring & autumn are the best seasons arent they, both so full of colour whether it be autumn leaves or spring blossoms & I also love to bring out the ugh boots! Lovely images!

  9. Hello Tara! I just wanted to thank you for the lovely message you left on my blog! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and you are welcome any time! I'm glad to have found you and I'm off to make a cup of tea and sit and enjoy your fabulous blog! Warmest wishes - Glenda xxx

  10. I discovered your blog and love the soft colors and spirit shabby ..
    See you soon!
    Nedj From France


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