Thursday, May 12, 2011

Winter wants..

We're just into Autumn (fall) and the temperature has certainly dropped..

Some areas have already seen snow..

These chilly days have got me thinking about my winter wardrobe..

Five winter wants..

I'd be a happy girl if I could have these in my winter dress up box..

lovely lacy scarf

Black leather riding boots

D & G sunglasses for the winter glare

Fabulous faux fur vest

Sweet Anthropologie gloves

Bring on the chill..I'm ready!!


  1. You'd look very glamourous all dressed up in these the lacey scarf!

  2. I want them ALL! A LOT, Tara! Especially that scarf! I am picturing myself in it now!!! X

  3. Lovely outfit ready for winter....brrrrrr......i must not think about it

  4. I love that scarf and those gloves! I hope you get your winter wants soon!!


  5. Tara, I commented on your post yesterday, and thought I'd check if it is here (because some of my comments are gone) and it has disappeared!
    So I'll just say that I want ALL of those in my winter wardrobe too! X

  6. I love that lace's one month from summer here in Michigan but I think this would still be doable with a cute tank top! I love it.

    Deb @ Dejarenew.blogspot.


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