Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Light and flowery ..

We all know the price of electricity down here in Australia is beyond ridiculous..

So I thought if we've gotta pay these crazy prices, our lighting choices may as well be fabulous..

So I've found a few pretties to share with you..

I'd be more than happy to have any of them in my home..

Hope you're all having a wonderful week..


  1. I love the ones all covered in pretty!

  2. Love the last one Tara. Stunning in a bedroom.

    Pam x

  3. They are all beautiful! My favorite is the top one for sure!!


  4. They are all so cute! I would love to have one of those in my office.

  5. Those lamps are just too scrummy! I love the white one with the damask wallpaper! X

  6. Hi Tara,
    I can't decide which ones I love more the white ones or the pink flowers! I would have them all in my home though! Thanks so much for dropping by my new blog :)

  7. Lover your style. The lamps are all beautiful. Trying to follow but not finding the place to do so. I know the list of followers hasn't been coming up on blogger. Will try to follow later, when that lovely glitch is fixed.

  8. Dearest Tara,

    As much as I do love 'Roses' I also think they're not so practical as they will collect dust. Even attract dust as a magnet through their warmth...

    What about energy saving bulbs? That works for reducing an energy bill. We got them as much as we can and we just installed ceiling fans to reduce the cost of cooling (electric!) during the hot summer months. We have to search for little improvements in order to cut the costs.

    Enjoy a great week!

    Lots of love,


  9. Thank you for entering my giveaway, lovely blog


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