Sunday, October 9, 2011

Have you smelt the roses lately?

My roses are blooming..
Bloomin' gorgeous if you ask me..
I've popped them in pretty vintage yellow jug..

So shabby and sweet..
I actually have stopped three times today to inhale their sweet perfume..
Sometimes our lives are so busy that we forget to live..
This week take time to stop and smell the roses..
Appreciate your life,we only get one..
Have a lovely and safe week friends..
P.S:dont forget my giveaway..


  1. Beautiful rosses !! lovely decorated in that jug !...enjoy this day and many others from

  2. Those roses are so gorgeous! I wish I could smell them too! X

  3. Hi Tara, yes we all need to slow down occasionally, and my friend Sue visited today with a gorgeous bunch of roses! So I have been doing much the same as you, their perfume is to die for!

  4. Your roses are gorgeous Tara! I would love to stop and smell the roses but I'm afraid that my one rose bush doesnt have one single rose on it....its very leafy and green...just without any pretty roses...perhaps I need to try and grow a green thumb! x

  5. Hi Tara. we have roses in flower too. do you know Blue Moon (going to blog a pic of them soon). Also Peace. beautiful soft perfume on each. Love your roses. At least we are stopping to smell the roses! Jane x

  6. so beautiful!

    Lindsey Turner

  7. Beautiful, is the word that comes to mind. Amazing. Definitely keep stopping and smelling the roses.


  8. Gorgeous, is that rose "seduction"?

  9. Hi Tara..bloomin' gorgeous indeed! I have jacaranda flowers..but no roses..thanks for sharing yours!

  10. Ooooh-la-la they are gorgeous!
    Love them in the jug and I would be stopping and smelling them all day long! :)

    Deborah xoxo


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