Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm having a giveaway!!

To celebrate having over 200 fabulous followers,I've decided to treat one of you to something that is very special and personal to me.
I quite enjoy putting the odd quilt together and thought it would be nice to pass one onto you.
Now, I'm definetly no expert and if perfection is your thing, this ain't gonna do it for you.
But I tried my hardest,I really did!
This is the first quilt I ever made.

I made it into a wall hanging but you could just as easily have it as a table topper.
I made it 2006,so let's pretend it's vintage,well it is to me..

The imperfections are character building..
If you'd like to acquire this litttl gem just leave a comment telling me so and let me know you're following along.
I'll draw the winner on my birthday, the 28th October and it's open to everyone.
If you share the news on your blog or sidebar let me know also for extra entries.
Have a wonderful weekend..


  1. It's beautiful Tara! I think you did a fabulous job on it and I would love to have such a treasure!


  2. Tara ?? ...i hope you do not regret it !!,...your first quilt is so special !!...enjoy a happy from

  3. It is so lovely how can you bear to part with it?! X

  4. This seems a little too sentimental and special to give away, but I would be happy to take it off your talented hands!

  5. I'll be so proud to have it, is the same feeling I had when I saw having you as a new member on my blog! I feel really happy that people around the world stop to see my creations and read what is very important to me! To feel the love and care I put to every piece I transform....
    Thanks to offer your FIRST QUILT to us!!


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