Wednesday, January 12, 2011

He did it!

Well he did it!..

My birthday boy got his learners permit this morning at 8.30am.

By 9.30am he was taking his first driving lesson with his dad.

I'll get involved with lessons when I'm less of a neurotic mess..

I can't believe my child is old enough to drive..

I can't believe how fast time flies.

Happy birthday handsome..


  1. Oh wow, when your child learns to drive it is a whole new world for parent and child. Congratulations to your son! I know you are proud.


  2. enjoy these moments before you know it he will be off to college- congrats to him be safe

  3. My gosh he is gorgeous! They grow up just sooo fast don't they? I was watching re-runs of Eight Rules for Dating my Daughters (do you know the program?) tonight and Bridget was going for her licence..HE(DAD!) was experiencing just what you brought a lump to my throat to watch..four of mine already flown the coop but one still to go..16 too...sigh...its all these 'firsts' that tug at our hearts, hey?...first tooth, first step, first day at school,college, dates etc...phew! never knew it would be this tough! (should'a had us sign a disclaimer when they came out!! haha!!!)...New seasons hey? Be still our anxious hearts :)
    blessings to you Tara..
    luv jessie x

  4. exciting yet scary. My daughter will go for hers in March and I just cannot see myself teaching her so think it will be up to her dad and the driving school. Get him to do a defensive driving course when he does his P's, they are great. Mel xx


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