Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mother Nature..

Why is it that one minute we have the best climate in the world..

And the next,

It is tearing our lives apart..

There is no greater force than Mother Nature,

But I truly believe the people of Queensland are strong Aussies who will battle through this horrendous time..

To all who have lost everything and those still bunkering down we are all behind you sending strength,love and prayers..


  1. I think Mother Nature likes to remind us every now and then what she can do........but I think she went a bit far this time.

  2. It is so so terrible news....we see al that mess.......i am so sorry for that........i hope it is over Ria....

  3. Keep an eye out for the pink Qld Flood Auction Buttons Tara. Crafters are uniting!!!
    See my blog for my contributions - just spreading the word!

  4. Blogging makes the world seem smaller and the flood is so much closer when I can follow my newfound friends on the web. Its the main news here in Norway and they update several times a day. I can only hope and pray that this flood will end soon.

    Thank you so much for inviting me in here Tara! And thanks for following! :)

    I will take a little tour around you blog! :)

  5. So sad. From one who has experienced a very bad flood and nearly lost everything, I understand! My neighbors house got ripped away by the waters, our was saved, but it was close! My heart goes out to all of these people. Mather Nature can have really bad p.m.s.!


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